June 2, 2017
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Hello all!

It’s been three weeks since we bid adieu to our old location at 3513 S centinela ave.

If you’ve been a bit out of the loop, here is a little blog entry to recall what’s been going on:

a word from coach vik

to summarize:

a fire ravaged the shopping center where tbi is located. all the business burned down. members rallied to salvage everything during that day, mostly pads were saved. tbi wasn’t fully insured. most everything is lost. homeless for the last three weeks training at mar vista park, while new location was acquired; needed an astronomical amount of work. tbi members rallied together yet again, completed task in record amount of time, back to training to tbi 2.0: kintsugi.


TBI: KINTSUGI. in short; kintsugi is a Japanese technique for repairing broken pottery with seams of gold. applying this technique into a metaphor for what had happened, we finally achieved an end result.

Certainly not a complete gym but with some pads and mats on the floor we can continue doing what we love and what brought us together.

little by little by the end of the month almost everything will be set back to the way things were; if not even better than before. Major, major improvements and new equipment will be added to help facilitate your training needs.

what now?

Major thank you’s and appreciation for everyones patience through out all this. I strive for the best and will settle for less. I invite you to check out our new, much bigger location located at 11704 venice blvd, mar vista, ca 90066. a little rough around the edges, but will improve shortly in this time of crisis.

for all trial members who signed up before hand:

please come back and continue to enjoy your trial membership.

previous members:

please know that nothing was charged on your account for the training during our down time as everything was free of charge. we will be contacting all members on their contracts in regards to their training situations.

thank you all so so much! very appreciative of EVERYONES help and so happy to be back to teaching. More updates and thank you’s coming soon, just wanted to send this out as soon as possible.

best wishes and much loves as always,

Coach Vik.


check out our instagram for all updates, photos and videos and timelines of the event: