August 20, 2012
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Hello Y’all!

Just a few words and some announcements. We finally have recurring billing, so enough with using paypal and all that other pesky stuff, just make sure we have all your updated info on file and we’re good to go! Also, the Saturday boxing classes at hotchkiss park have been amazing, and what better way to start your morning with some outdoor boxing. Perfect weather, perfect training, and very good times. If you would like to share something for the picnic afterwards you’re more than welcome to bring something but it’s not mandatory so don’t fret. 🙂 Please note as well that we DO have morning classes throughout the week. One at Monday morning, one on Wednesday morning-Both at 10:00 am running until 11:00 am. Class sizes are small so come in and get some great semi-private training.

Last major update is that there will be no class this THURSDAY-AUGUST 23rd, 2012. In lieu of this there will be a special 2 hour class on Wednesday from 7:30 to 9:30. First hour and 15 will be the regular class, the last 45 minutes we will focus deeply on clinch work. Brief recap, techniques such as submissions, defense, and live sparring at the end with the coach! don’t miss it because coach victor has a wealth of knowledge in the CLINCH department.

The rest of the classes remain the same!

And finally, the last bit of news is the weekly curriculum. We’ll be covering push kicks, push kick defense and counters. If you’re push kick game is lacking, make sure you’re in class this week!