A thank you from coach vik and TBI.

July 7, 2017
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Hey guys, sorry for being so quiet- I want you all to rest assured that i haven’t forgotten about everyone that has lend a helping hand to the rebuild of the gym. I just wasn’t ready to say anything yet and was taking my time and letting everything stew before I would say my final words about everything that has happened.

I am for sure just BLOWN away from all the support everyone has given me. From all the positive words of old friends and members, people reaching out. All the calls, text, emails messages. All the monetary support, logistical support, just everything.

I am so humbled, and just extremely gracious for everything everyone has done.

It’s been exactly two months since a fire took away my first home from me. A place build from love, from passion, and passion for the sole purposes to keep a movement going, a place to proliferate love, passion and desire. A place many others considered their home.

It was surreal to see it all go down and i feel like i said enough about that, and frankly am quite tired of speaking about it. I want this to be the final chapter of TBI 1.0.

Two months really since i’ve really had a day off, two months of mentally exhausting work on top of all the physicalities involved in rebuilding a new place, training fighters, clients and the remaining members at the park and at random gyms.

The sleepless nights, the days gone by without really eating, the grinding of my teeth from stress and fighting the temptation of drinking myself into a state of apathy…

Although the remodel and painting was completed in about a week and half or two, and we’ve been now at the new location for the last six weeks, there was still so much backend business work and the frontend details that needed to be done that wouldn’t let me rest.

Incredible to believe that it was all finally completed just last week.

Two months in and it’s pretty much all said and done. I can finally feel like i rest my head soundly.

It’s just the little details, the most time consuming ones, and the things beyond my control such as signage that need to be completed but i’m ready to finish the toughest chapter of my life.

All and all, i just want to say thank you to everyone for everything. There’s too many people to thank to be honest as i wanted to send out thank you cards but that would take me FOREVER. I want to apologize in advance if i forget anyone. Please don’t be upset 🙁

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone that donated money to the gofundme tbi 2.0 rebuild fund, I want to show my extreme gratitude for your generosity and for allowing me get my life back in order. To all the strangers, to all my old friends, old students, new friends, new students, clients- Just everyone.

To LA for creating the fund. I was so opposed to it as my massive ego and pride would not allow me to take money from strangers to correct errors on my behalf. Now im glad you did. None of this would be possible without your initiative and the donor’s response. Thank you.

To everyone that shared the links across social media, to everyone that sent their best wishes across social media. Your kind words were inspiration that fueled the fire.

To Coach Miguel for your loyalty and dedication to myself, to the gym and to the members.

You are a true friend and a shining example of what it means to have a good heart.

To Coach Drew for donating the money to buy the new mats at the gym.

To all the members for your patience, for donating even though i owed you a ton of money haha, for donating your time and efforts on your days off. For all the coordination and logistical support. For all the emotional support and helping your coach rise up when he felt like he was down for the count. I love you all and hold you in my hearts so dearly.

To rich for coordinating all the contractor/rebuilding/renovation details. Much love and respect for you.

To David Huey and to my Kru, Kru Santi of MTAG- Muay Thai America Gym for allowing us to use their gym to train the fighters, and to all the members and coaches from MTAG for being so welcoming and understanding.

To Edgar from 818 for donating the beautiful 250 lbs white and gold nazo bag and the pro banana bag. You have always been so supportive of me since i was a little runt fighter running amok at MTA. You must’ve seen something special in me and never understood why you took such a liking to me but thank you always for being who you are. Much love.

Master shawn and the IFS for donating ticket proceeds to the TBI firefund. Thank you for keeping me and my gym in your heart.

To my beautiful girlfriend Jackie for bearing with all the drama and stress. I felt like a shitty boyfriend and so unattentive with so much of my focus directed to getting the gym back up. Thank you for being who you are.

Fuck, yet again i can’t thank everyone enough.
I hate using the word blessed, but is this was being blessed is? I don’t know, but i just feel so fortunate to have such amazing, good hearted, kind spirited people around me.

There is still is gigantic cloud of guilt looming over me wanting to just pay everyone back for everything. As always, i am always here to help and support anyone in anyway i can. I will continue doing whatever i can to support the sport and hopefully make the world a better place in anyway i can, even if it’s just thru a small little muay thai gym.

Much Love, Respect and Best Wishes Always,

Victor Acosta