here is what people have to say about Coach Victor’s training:

“…It’s been 4 months since I’ve signed up for Muay Thai program and it’s honestly changed my life. I’ve never been the athletic type and have been out of shape for decades so I was completely intimidated about signing up. However, the experience from … my first classes to private lessons with Kru Victor has been amazing. That’s not to say it’s easy – it’s some of the hardest training I’ve ever done – but the instructors are mindful of your progress and will help you modify your workout so you can get through it if you have any ailments.
– Jane L.

“Great place to get a great workout. The trainers are all great and dedicated. Ask for Victor, he does all my training and has gotten me the bikini body that you usually just dream about. He is very patient and you can tell he is very passionate about muay thai. Its a great and cheap (compared to other places) way to get into shape and even let out a little pent up aggression.”
-Zar T.

“…Coach Victor is my favorite. He teaches the importance of technique thoroughly..”
-Jessie G.

“…I’ve been training Muay Thai here since Feb 10 and I can’t imagine going anywhere else. Kru Victor is an awesome teacher…”
-Matt A

“Coach Vic teaches in a traditional thai style (jump rope, technique, then thai pads). He treats everyone with respects and also goes into detail if requested. I’ve had thai trainers in the past that were great- but i always felt there was a communication barrier. with coach vic- thats not a problem. in fact, i’ve noticed that he shows some “thai secrets” that other trainers usually leave out. ”
-Leslie W.

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