September 10, 2013
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This week’s focus in Muay Thai is on the push kick aka teep along with defensive moves.

Monday’s class worked on drilling the feint into the push kick which requires watching your balance and form.

(Keep the mid-section “triangle” envisioned as you balance and teep.)

Remember – Tuesday and Thursday has Beginners Muay Thai but it’s also great for advanced students who want to focus on form and technique over speed.  You can never kick enough and always working on your form to perfect the move can’t hurt!

And be sure to tell your friends about the current SPECIAL for New Beginners – $99 for the month* 

The Thai Boxing Institute is offering Beginners/Intro classes twice a week- Tuesday and Thursday.  Tuesday class will be begin at 6pm and end at 7pm and Thursday classes will start 7pm and end at 8pm.  

The Beginners classes will focus on the development of the techniques that is involved in Muay Thai.  Learn basic punching, kicking, kneeing and elbow techniques.  The class focus will be mainly on heavy bag work: there will be no pad work nor holding of pads for other students involved in this class.  

*Pre-register for the Beginners classes and receive your first three months at a rate of $99/month as well as waived initiation fees for an overall savings of $100 dollars.