August 21, 2013
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This week’s focus in Muay Thai is working on defense and counters.

Defense also includes evasion – why take a hit, even in defense, if you can avoid contact and save yourself some pain?  Best defenses are: evasion, blocking, and taking a hit to throw a hit/countering.

And next week’s focus with be on SPARRING!  So be prepared to get in some sparring at the end of each class.

Reminder – you can borrow the protective gear in class, but those are limited and most people do like having their own gear.

To start, definitely go for a mouthguard and shin pads.  You can buy those at the gym ($5 and $20 respectively) as well as other items or check for deals online.  If you have any questions on brands and styles, just ask.  Remember, different strokes for different folks so don’t feel the need to buy a particular brand name because that is what you see on everyone else.  Coach Vik tries to buy quality but generic (nameless) in order to make it more affordable.