Coach Victor and his accolades.

Coach Victor began his martial arts career 11 years ago at the age of 18 at the world renowned Muay Thai Academy of North Hollywood, California.  In bad physical shape and overweight, he decided to get involved with Muay Thai after a lifelong pursuit and interest in martial arts.  Many years spent working out hard, achieving goals, fighting and gaining a few titles along that the way has given Coach Victor the drive to teach and promote the art of Muay Thai as well as still actively compete in the sport.

Coach Victor has several years experience teaching kids (ages 4-12) Muay Thai and other martial arts, seven years experience teaching adults in group and private settings and has given countless hours of his time volunteering in public events to promote the art and culture of Muay Thai. He also credits Muay Thai for allowing him to get in the best shape of his life, and also helping him discover discipline, humility, respect, hard work ethic.
Notable achievements include:
7 1/2 years fight experience trained under the likes of Kru Santi Sakkomkai, Kru Puk and multiple time world champion Malaipet Sasiprapa.

Participant in combined total of over 20 amateur Muay Thai bouts resulting in a successful sanctioned record of 7 wins, 3 losses and 1 draw, and a combined sanctioned/unsanctioned record of 20 wins 6 loses and 2 draws (20-6-2).

titles held:

  • 2 regional titles
  • 2 state titles

(CAMTA featherweight champion  125 lbs. and IAMTF Jr. Featheweight champion 135 lbs.)

  • 1 national title

(current MTAA featherweight champion 125 lbs.)

  • 1 tournament title

(2011 IKF Westcoast Classic Full Rules bantamweight 120 lbs.)

Other martial arts trained by Coach Victor include a year of judo, years of MMA, three years of boxing and five years of jiujitsu currently holding the rank of blue belt awarded to him by world renowned jiujitsu innovator eddie bravo. 

Coach Victor has also extended his training modalities to include all other aspects of fitness including nutrition, strength and conditioning and plyometric training.

Whenever Coach Victor isn’t working out or working someone out, doing muay thai west los angeles, he likes to enjoy the finer things in life like hanging out at the beach, reading books, listening to music, scuba diving, traveling, and relaxing at home.  His favorite authors include Charles Bukowski and Cormac Mccarthy and favorite bands are The Descendents and Voxtrot.