How can we help you? How you can help us!

May 7, 2013
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One thing you all must know is that is that my number one concern aside from the safety of all members during class time is your satisfaction.  If there is anything we can do at TBI to help improve your overall experience, please inform us either through speaking to coach vik, sending us an email ( or just by simply calling or texting us (310-897-3132).  Comments, suggestions and constructive criticism greatly appreciated!  Other things that can help the gym from your point of view are:

  • Wearing clean workout clothes and wraps to class.  No one likes to workout in a stinky gym.  >_<
  • Be respectful of all members before, during, and after class, especially while sparring.  ^_^
  • Most Importantly, always have fun and be supportive of one another!  >^.^< (it’s a cat if you didn’t notice)

If you want to help spread the word about the gym, we greatly appreciate anything you can offer.  Whether you add us on your favorite social networking site, share our page through your facebook, check in through your favorite app, or perhaps you have something nice to say on yelp (…or bad?  yikes!)- These things all provide a significant positive impact to TBI, so please help if you can!  Thank you guys!!!