November 28, 2016
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Year In review:

WOW.  december.  another great year in the books all made possible by the community we have made over at TBI.  Just want to say how grateful and thankful i am to you guys for allowing me to teach you muay thai, and for you guys to have the confidence in me to to ALLOW me to teach you.

I also want to extend my upmost gratitude and appreciation for all the coaches and members that have lent a hand in helping me keep my sanity in all this.  Covering for me, willing to look after the gym while i’m away.  organizing gym trips, all the remodeling to the space we have done.  Helping me train the fighters, and lastly just being awesome all around good people.  Thank you guys so so much.

I’m hopeful we have another productive and successful year in 2017 and only strive for further excellence in my teaching and how the gym is ran.  Thank you guys!

School News:

Private Lesson Sale Extended:

Hey guys, so every year, once a year, I slash prices in half for my private lessons for members at tbi.  Initially it was only meant for November but due to absence i have extended the sale to last till the middle  the month so the last day to purchase will be december,16 2016.   These private lessons do not expire, but all purchases are final.  If say for any reason you can’t complete the lessons, then you may gift them to other members.

Why private lessons?  Well, for one:  you have a whole hour to yourself with me so you are free to ask whatever questions you have about training.  Questions about specific techniques or any other sort of advice.  I can break down your technique and help you fix things you have been having trouble with.  Or you can even just the hour to get a really hard workout in.  from pad holding, wrestling, sparring or just to focus on one specific technique, private lessons allow you to do that.  Here is the pricing info for all that.

private lesson pricing

1 lesson $50 (usual price $100)

3 lessons $140 (usual price $275)

5 lessons $215 (usual price $425)

10 lessons $350 (usual price $700)

As I’ve been mentioning.  it helps if you come in with questions prepared and maybe a notebook or recording device to take notes or even film yourself.  up to you!   all these little things definitely help facilitate learning.

Holiday party

Due to all the school events packed together so tightly we had to cancel the anniversary party and sort of consolidate it with this year’s holiday party.  Every year we get together rot go eat all you can korean bbq at road to seoul  fun lively environment and decently affordable.  Usually afterwards we hope over a barcade down the street for some continued action.  Here are the details:

Saturday  Dec 17th:  4th annual TBI x-mas party at Road To Seoul.

7 pm?

1230 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90006

Harvard Heights

I’ll have a sign up sheet on the back board for those interested in going.  Carpool will be done at the gym in order for everyone to arrive on time for the reservation.  They’re pretty strict about it so just a heads up : |

Holiday Hours:

Only day of closure for the gym this year will be december 24th x-mas eve.  Other than we’re on for the rest of the year.

Curriculum for December

11/28-12/3-Spinning Techniques

12/5-12/10-push kicks, side kicks, and defense

12/12-12/17-Kick Defense

12/19-12/23-Conditioning Week

12/25-12/31-Open Forum