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At The Thai Boxing Institute you’ll learn Muay Thai boxing, the art of the 8 limbs and one of the most effective, versatile stand-up arts and fight sports in the history of martial arts. Coach Victor is a highly qualified Muay Thai instructor, receiving his instructing certificate from the oldest traditional Muay Thai school in the country: The Muay Thai Academy (MTA) of North Hollywood.

Your average lesson will consist of you warming up, learning and practicing technique, pad work and cool downs. Also included in the lesson is a great emphasis on correct form, execution, conditioning, ring strategy (if necessary) and more. A session of Muay Thai not only has a high caloric expenditure; it’s also a great way to tone your body and relieve stress. it’s high energy but suitable and enjoyable by all levels.

What makes The Thai Boxing Institute different from other muay thai west los angeles and MMA gyms are the comfortable class sizes and the one on one attention. We recognize that consistency is the most important part of any training regiment and we strive to be able to facilitate your needs to reach your goals. Where other martial arts schools try to cram their students onto every inch of mat and gym space available; the limited class sizes allows the coach to work and focus more closely on the pupils rather than letting them get lost in the crowd. We provide a friendly, fun and warm environment where we all give great hard work and dedication into every class.

Coach Victor’s method of teaching is sensible and realistic in a way that is based on practical and tried method, rather than theoretical considerations. Where as other instructors only show just the basics, Coach Victor use of a monthly curriculum which allows for a variety of techniques which keep the classes fun and exciting. With the full use of curriculum, classes are unique to insure that the workouts are always changing, keeping you engaged and interested. Every technique is presented in a simplistic manner with proper care so that no one is left behind and no one is excluded, regardless of experience.

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  • Muay Thai Kickboxing
  • Western Boxing
  • Beginner and Advanced Classes
  • 400 lbs free weight set including rack
  • full kettelbell set
  • 14ft by 14ft boxing ring

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